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June 2024
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About-Face or How To Help Haiti From Home
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Posted by: Gina Uhlmann @ 10:54 am

It really is extraordinary how social media has changed most of our lives.
Through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogs and more,
we are connecting and sharing in a way that we could have never imagined.
I sometimes think of it as a springboard that has come from those musings that we have while we’re in the shower, the thoughts that have never before been given a voice!

In one day, I can connect with an old friend,
make a business connection, read a beautiful quote,
look at a painting from a master artist, and in the next click
see a picture of what an acquaintance had for lunch,
The list is endless, and certainly runs from the banal to the sublime.

At it’s very best, it does some good in the world.
After the devastating earthquake in Haiti,
I wondered what I could do from here, and while browsing
through Flickr, I saw that Andrew Newson had a group called
Charity Print Auctions, “A group dedicated to raising money for charities, and in particular, natural disasters like the recent earthquake in Haiti.”
I thought, I can do that! I can do that without a budget, or committees,
or without planning. I can just sit down at my computer,
and start a page on Facebook to raise money for Haiti relief.

Art Auction For Haiti, is now in it’s third week,
and has raised over $12,000 in that short time!
Although I may have started the page,
I couldn’t have done it without the generous donations from artists,
bidders, and champions of the cause.
I thank all who have participated in one way or another,
and I thank social media for making it possible!

These are a handful of the donated images.


11 Responses to “About-Face or How To Help Haiti From Home”

  1. Molly Says:
    Your art auction is amazing, as are you.
  2. Ron Says:
    Great job on the Art of Haiti auction. I won the picture from William Aronson. All the art was great. You and Jack should be very proud of the work you have done. God less you both.
  3. ellen sandor Says:
    Special special woman!
  4. bill aronson Says:
    Dear Gina, You did a great job on this whole auction thing and you deserve a standing ovation. Can you see I am standing and clapping? Good Job Girl, and God Bless you!
  5. Leslie Says:
    You are something special Gina! Way to bring it home for Haiti!!
  6. Harry Says:
    Gina, thank you once again for all your work on this because you made this all happen. This is the way communities and the world are supposed to work.
  7. Rick Says:
    Thank you so much, Gina, for all your efforts organizing and promoting this great cause. It’s been a pleasure getting to see the work of all of the very fine photographers who have donated their art to help ameliorate the suffering of the Haitian people. It’s been a privilege to be in your company. Rick
  8. Petr Says:
    I am with hope once again, and I know this will then again escape me. But this hope is funny because it leaves a blinding jewel of reminding that when it is all gone, it is so because it must once again appear. This is what all of you have done for me. Thank you, Gina, and please let me be a part of any round of this great giving. Sincerely, Petr Salidar
  9. Cynthia Says:
    Gina, We are all so proud to be a part of these wonderful donations! I look forward to another!
  10. Tracy Says:
    A wonderful effort by everyone involved. thanks for organising it, Gina. it was a fantastic idea. i’m more than happy to have been involved.
  11. Laurence Says:
    Shine on, you crazy diamond! I’m proud to be your friend.