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May 2024
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A Holiday Print Giveaway Contest!
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Posted by: Gina Uhlmann @ 11:32 am

Contest Has Ended.
Congratulations to Lisa Tatosian
Who chose Gazing!



20 Responses to “A Holiday Print Giveaway Contest!”

  1. Lorry Cohn Says:
    They are all gorgeous, but “Tina’s Dance”… it’s just so stunning!
  2. Uyen Tran Says:
    Through the mist is my favorite!!! I love your work!
  3. Uyen Tran Says:
    I shared on FB. “Element” is also amazing!
  4. Hilary Says:
    Beautiful photos. “Tree Girl” is just mesmerizing to me.
  5. Edwina Says:
    I’m digging “Tree Girl” too but “La Bella” and “Tina’s Dance”…
  6. lala Says:
    Gazing. Does Nepotism exclude me from winning??
  7. Rebecca Farrell Says:
    Gina, All of them are quite stunning, you have an amazing talent! Wishing you and your family a Happy and Joyous Holiday Season!! Rebecca
  8. Erin Creel Says:
    You know I “like” your work on fb already…I wish they had a “love” button! I love them all! I am “in love” with “Encased”! How do you choose… they are all so unique! Love you Gina!
  9. Sylvie sorelle Says:
    I absolutely love all of them but if I had to choose , I would like La Bella to go with my house.
  10. ellen sandor Says:
    your images are BEYOND! they always have been. so stunning.
  11. Lorry Says:
    Another chance in the hat for Tina’s Dance please-
  12. Lisa Tatosian Says:
    Ohhhh…each one AMAZING!!!! But I think “Gazing”. Her face has that 40’s quality that I Love! Seriously, I Love them all!
  13. Lisa Tatosian Says:
    Sharing….another chance for “Gazing”
  14. Dave Meyer Says:
    While all the photos are spectacular and evoke different feelings, Tree Girl struck me. Raw, primitive, natural, powerful and even vulnerable. Well done Gina!
  15. David Marienthal Says:
    Hi Gina, Your work is wonderful. So lyrical and romantic. What a beautiful way to see the world. Looking at the Bears yesterday was exactly the opposite. I hope you were not there. Cheers, David
  16. Lisa Tatosian Says:
    Shared on F.B yesterday…today LinkedIn… still LOVING “Gazing”!
  17. Lorry Says:
    Holding my breath- Tina’s Dance! Thx-
  18. Sylvie SoRelle Says:
    Shared on facebook!!! I would love a chance at Encased! Love your work.
  19. Cassie & Audrey Ibata Says:
    Me and my sister really like number 5 “tina’s dance”. -Audrey We love to dance and wear our moms “clicky shoes”. Those are my favorite shoes. -Cassie
  20. Ibata Says:
    Shared on facebook.