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May 2024
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Still & Motion
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Posted by: Gina Uhlmann @ 11:30 am

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s, “The Decisive Moment” has always influenced my style of photography.

It is a snap shot, voyeuristic image of a simple, but somehow glorified world.
What appeals most to me about this style, is that something unspectacular may have happened right before, and may again be pedestrian right after, but at the millisecond the shutter is released, a captivating moment is caught.  

However, what if the image is not just an instant frozen in time?
What if everything leading up to, and continuing after, is just as mesmerizing?
How can a still photograph of a dancer ever hope to tell the story of the entire dance,
or show the nuance that led to a kiss?
This is where film and video have always appealed to me,
where I have always felt the whole story of a moment could be told.

With the advent of digital camcorders, and countless digital editing programs,
it is now possible to work in film without going to film school, and investing in massive
amounts of equipment.  I find that more and more I have been thinking
about the movement in the moments.

I am certainly just a freshman in this world of filmmaking, but am committed to continuing my studies!

Below is the ending of the montage that I did for my son’s 8th grade class graduation.
I used a medium-end consumer digital video camera, I can’t wait to use a higher-end camera like the big boys!



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One Response to “Still & Motion”

  1. Lena Says:
    Discovered your blog…. Just today…. And what an inspiring post! THANK YOU!!! I’m a freshman in the photography world, and I admire Lilian Bassman and Henry Cartier-Bresson’s work. And while doing a research on Lilian’s photography, and reading through sites and links, all that has brought me to you….. :-) Look forward to continuing reading your blog!